John W H Smith

John Smith was ordained as a ‘Minister of the Word’ in 1974. His ministries in the Uniting Church include welfare management, chaplaincy and parish ministry. A trained social worker, John is recognized for his pioneering work with children, including the establishment of non-residential programs for young offenders. John is a founding member of the Progressive Christian Network of Victoria. He is also a member and serves on the planning teams for Common Dreams conferences and ‘Common Dreams on the Road’. John is currently the parish minister at St Andrew’s Uniting Church Box Hill.

Code Title Author Format RRP
9781743241097 New Life: Rediscovering Faith: Stories from Progressive Christians Rex A E Hunt; John W H Smith Paperback $28.01
9781598151114 Why Weren't We Told?: A Handbook on 'Progressive' Christianity Rex A E Hunt; John W H Smith Paperback $23.76